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cajun gun works pro package install This results in the shortest possible reset while still keeping all of the firing pin block safety features intact. Cajun Hammer Pin (CZ) No staking hammer pin by Cajun Gun Works. The sides of the trigger were sanded down, for a brushed finish. 00 Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Compare Product I installed the Cajun Pro package in both of my P-09's, Plus some of their other goodies that the "metal" CZ models come with already. $479. Cajun does not know I'm posting this. August 29, 2020 JCCD News. I recently did a 75B SP-01. I expected the installation to take some fitting based on what I read in the other reviews but it was a little more work than I expected. Must be used with our reduced power firing pin spring, part number RP-FPS. I put a Cajun Gun Works SPGK1 3 spring kit in my SP01 the other day and am really impressed at how it lightened the SA and DA trigger. You can order parts and put them in yourself or send your gun in, I have put CGW Pro Packages in a number of guns. Cajun Gun Works's passion is precision, innovation, and customer service. It has been upgraded with the Cajun Gunworks Pro Package ($225 value) to improve the DA and SA trigger pulls and HD night sights ($100 value). Noodle , Oct 16, 2017 TJ's Custom Gunworks Master Craftsmanship With Old World Pride and Values Gun Photo Gallery Easy-install trigger pin. I believe the pro packages addresses all of the short falls of the p07 platform except for sights. We have chosen some of our best finishes and upgrades to take these pistols to the next level. Bop Visuell Kommunikation. Pro-Package Install Tutorial . In less than 2 years I had ~55,000 rounds through it and figured I’d better get a backup. This package is “G1”. I had the pro package, accuracy bbl bushing, sights switched out for one of their HD non adjustable rears, fiber optic frt insert too. The Scorpion Evo family of firearms span several generations (Gen1, Gen2, ect…) and the trunnions Pro Tracker. I got my first Glock 19 Gen 4 in December of 2013. 98. Comes with 3 magazines (2 18, 1 10 round). I outfitted mine with TruGlow TFX night/fiber optic sights, G-10 grips, a spring kit through Cajun gun works, and an N82 holster. The Pro-package is essentially a Defensive Carry Package with the addition of a Reach Reduction Kit. But it was good practice for when I save up some cash and order the Cajun gun works pro package and install it myself (because that 6-10 week turn around would kill me) I sent them a new 75B (broken in but a recent gun) last year in January. CGW had the gun for 10 more weeks before completely slicking it out 97098 Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit. Here is a list of CZ Parts Suppliers that I have located in Canada (as well as abroad that will ship to Canada), along with my experiences in ordering from them. The Pro Package features a lighter smoother trigger both in SA and DA modes. I have over several thousand rounds through it and no major issues at all. R375. CGW has a defensive package for 338, and Pro-Package (which includes the 85 trigger) for 426. Since I've had this gun I've had it cajunized (Cajungunworks). I shoot that gun well too but the added weight and length and heft combined with the S2 frame cuts and aggressive checkering cement the gun in my hand like no other. In the first version of this article, I laid out some of the plans for modification. not there yet technically It ain't over till it's over. Also looking for a gunsmith to fit this smaller barrel to my cz scorpion. View: Easy-install trigger pin. 75410 Pro-Package for 97 CGW’s Pro-Package for the 97 Series Manual Safety. Shop by Department . m. You apear lost! Cajun gun works shadow 2 Bad experience with Cajun Gun Works. I had the CGW pro package and the Copperhead upgrade. I’ll be installing the Ultra lite package of hammer spring with extended firing pin to lower the DA and SA pull weight. It’s a great package. My cost $1,608 If you're pretty handy, I'd buy the parts from cajun gun works and install them yourself. 10 years later I removed every one of their parts and installed Cajun Gun Works Pro package. com Specification. the reset of much shorter to the delight of my short fingers. Home - Welcome to Kinetic by Windstream - Kinetic by Windstream's start experience including trending news, entertainment, sports, videos, personalized content, web searches, and much more. These included new fiber optic sights from Dawson Precision and a tune-up from Cajun Gun Works. M11/9 ‘COBRAY’ STOCK ADAPTER allows the owner to install several stock and brace options. Not interested in a reduced reach trigger position in DA? We recommend our Standard Package which includes everything in our Pro-Package without I shoot a my other guns better, but a lot of that is due to lack of trigger time. CZC, CGW, and Automatic Accuracy have all earned good reputations. I'd like to call them though and talk about it first. NOTE: Installation kit, part number INST-DC is not included. Everytime I think of thinning my collection, I just can't part with it. Taking my new CZ P-01 Cajun Gun Works pistol out for an extended range day! Very nice, but not as accurate at either the 97 or 75B that were done for me by CGW. Unfortunately, that is expensive and I don't know if I want to do that for a gun I don't otherwise love. Discount Guns for Sale - Buds Gun Shop. Delivers an 8lb DA, 3lb 8oz SA, cuts the SA reset 50%, and the trigger is moved rearward 5mm with the hammer down. DA/SA weights and length of travel were reduced. (hammers must include new cajungunworks pins) **If you supply parts, you are responsible for supplying all needed parts of the correct model to suit your gun, or there will be extra charges. Disclaimer: I am not paid by Cajun nor am I receiving free parts or anything. CZ 97 B Manual Safety From $1. Our Pro Package includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty) CGW Reach Reduction Kit including our "hybrid" disconnector and modified "Old Style" 75585 Trigger Reduced power music wire trigger return spring RP-TRS Short Reset System Hand polished and professionally tuned to your preference Lifetime warranty on all CGW manufactured hard parts Cajun Gun Works Full Pro Package CZ SP01 Tactical Installation CGW’s Pro-Package for the 75B Series Decocker. Pistol was purchased from CZ directly and sent immediately to Cajun Gun Works for installation of their Pro Package. 28. 51820 sear springs (not shown) - $10. 2- If you are handy buy a Cajun Gun Works kit and install it. I've got some Talon custom grip tape coming in the mail, which leaves on my punchlist 2 things before I can introduce it into my carry rotation (aside from the usual break-in and testing procedures): the holster and a set of night sights. 00 Step 3: Send it to Cajun Gun Works for their Pro Grade Package Step 4: Profit . MGW has the proven track record to expertly upgrade and fix your Ruger. R125. Would you guys say it's better on a P07 to buy all the CGW parts and The trigger, IMO, is better than the S2 and Cajun promised it would’ve so, even with the B safety, it’s a perfect 3. Can't go wrong with them IMO. Apex Tactical CZ 75 B Action Enhancement Kit. All parts are designed by Cajun Gun Works and easily drop in to enhance the comfort Build a Stone Age Settlement in the online strategy game Forge of Empires, fight through history and develop a magnificent empire. 00 . With the . Comes with case, original parts, paperwork, original two 14 round mags. CGW is the king of all things CZ and has made a believer out of me. The trigger is amazing. I’d have to sit down with the two guns to really know. Many still prefer to have an external hammer and the traditional DA/SA trigger action. 0 x 55mm (2. 357 Bore-Snake Gun Barrel Cleaner Works Great with MIL-SPEC CLP! Get the inside of your barrel clean with the Bore Snake Cleaner. After installing the kit from Cajun Gunworks, the Double Action pull (also known as DA) dropped from about 8 lbs. Cajun pro package, @anrdesignllc serrations (awesome texture), @cerakote Sniper Grey applied by @sagisi. If you miss something with it, you did something wrong. Cajun gun works pro package, custom trigger and cerakote . Each gun is meticulously inspected and features the following upgrades: -Color Case Hardened Frame with a clear Cerakote application -Hot Salt Blue Slide with Polished Flats -A Been thinking about getting a shadow 2 from Cajun gun works with all the trigger upgrades. Just start with a clean and dry magazine tube, spring and The latter is the big difference between DIY and a professional job (Cajun, CZ Custom, pro gunsmith etc. Get the best hunting deals like the cheapest ammo & much more. Made in America by Altamont. Newest one not pictured with the family CZ Shadow 2 View attachment 57317 Turned one of the P01's into this View attachment 57318 11 Year Anniversary Gun Show & Swap Meet - August 28, 2021 Item Relisted! FS CZ P09 Full Cajun Pro-Grade Package 5 mags Thread in ' Question about Cajun Gun Works Trigger Kit - P07. I did have one problem though. Our Pro-Package delivers safe, responsible trigger pulls suitable for self-defense, range, carry, and weekend competition. Cajun gun works pro package, custom trigger and cerakote For a competition gun I’d say try the ultralight kit. Original owner, ordered new, straight from Cajun Gun Works. I had them do their pro package trigger job on it, can’t wait to go shoot this thing. This has been my go-to production pistol since day 1. custom kydex universal iwb holster in black. 4 CZ Shadow 2 with Cajun Gun Works Pro package, 2 holsters and extra mags. New barrel bushing, new trigger, new hammer, fiber optic front with solid rear sight and a few needed pins I left all the springs original(was advised not to drop the weight on the springs if I intended to continue running my CZ Floating Trigger Pin Includes Installation Slave Pin. I ordered the Cajun Gun Works Pro Package Decocker Kit and some new Cocobolo grips. CGW CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready Optic Plate by Cajun Gun Works CGW Shadow 2 Optic Ready plate with Glock BUIS dovetail. 97058-220″ double action roller bearing - $20. For sale is a 2013 Production CZ 75 Retro that has been customized by Cajun Gun Works. Silky smooth trigger pull. David, the owner is very pro-DIY and his parts are designed to be user friendly. J. 25 DA and smooth. i will not ship to california. Below is the part list 1. get the Pro-Package and go Includes 2 installation punches, spare red & green F/O rod & wrenches. The grips are thin, but large-handed shooters will have an easier time gripping them than the smaller gripped CZ 75s. 97908. You can just get your pinky on it and it is 14+1. " While pricing and shopping, I found a used (400 rounds) SP01 that had the pro-package installed by a reputable gunsmith, innards polished, lok palmswell grips, and halo rear/FO front sights for $750! Im curious about the differences between the packages offered by Cajun Gun Works and CZ Custom. Pictures: The Browning Hi Power offers perfect balance, size and firepower, with an impressive 13 round magazine capacity. The plate rack at 15yds didn't stand a chance. Shop now. Serial Number: B927796 Unbeatable CZ ergonomics. . The CZ 75 Compact with manual safety: Item 75110. Mcarbo is cheapest but it’s just a spring change. Crazy title I know. *I am willing to install Cajun Gunworks upgrade parts for a small extra labor fee, you may supply the parts or I can. Pro Package includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer ; Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins; CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel Got my big boy back from Cajun Gunworks. Works on 75BD's, RAMI-BD, 97BD, and all metal/alloy framed decocker CZ's. Cajun Gun Works. IMO you could probably flip a coin. Same Issue When Using Cajun Gun Works Upgrades I have a 75 SP-01 Tactical Urban Grey which I upgraded with a Cajun Gun Works Pro package that really improved the overall handling for me. This beautiful little piece looks stock, but is a sleeper. 45s on the chopping block and the 9mm stepping up to the plate, I was hoping for czechmate. After watching the MCarbo install video and a few others all went together fine. List of products by manufacturer Cajun Gun Works. After several hours of studying youtube and talking to a rep from CGW, I took the plunge. With the installation of the excellent M*CARBO $30. Enter your email below for timely updates about Allegheny Arms and Gun Works. Includes factory case, manual, cleaning rod/brush, 2 mags. 0 Truglo TFX Pro sights/$139 Polish job/$100. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s probably the most reliable semi-auto I own. Best thing you can do to a pistol that really is a great pistol out of the box, as you know already. CGW CZ P-10 Upgrade Package by Cajun Gun Works An affordable, effective upgrade that can improve the performance and reliability of the already great P-10 C platform. I like to drive the gun not work on it. 78 in Attachment/Mount Type: Dovetail The whole package comes in a quality pistol case worthy of transporting a race gun like this. Pro Package includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins Cajun gun works shadow 2 Cajun gun works shadow 2 The upgraded parts are every bit as good as Cajun Gun Works says they are, but if you are taking on upgrading any of your CZ pistols with their parts, I suggest you call them first for advice and recommendations; Here is the Cajun Gun Works claim on the Pro-Package Fits all 75 Series Decockers, SP-01 Tactical, 75BD, P-01, PCR. (0) Pistol Parts. Everything you need to convert your CZ over to our famous Pro-Package. 5LB SA. So thank you. It’s their top of the line Pro Package trigger job. Don't own many pistols, 4 to be exact. Along with with, Color Case Hardened Frame with a clear Cerakote application, Hot Salt Blue Slide with Polished Flats, A Flush Cut & Crowned Barrel, DLC Coated Barrel & Small Parts, The Guncrafter Industries Logo Engraved on the Frame, New Guncrafter Re: Cajin Gun Works Upgrades on a CZ P-09 for Caarry Hi Psychosis Truthfully I still need to look into all of the rules for IDPA, but to my knowledge it wouldn't it be the difference in shooting SSP (Strictly 9mm) or Shooting ESP, I don't really know how the points work with Minor or Major Caliber. Some pistol parts come standard, but others need to be added or switched in order to be personalized. Catch the chance to save your purchase. Only 7 in this offering. I have a full CZ Custom Shop gun and a gun I installed a CGW Pro Package in. That made a HUGE difference in the reset and it got rid of 99% of the pretravel . Polish the barrel and feed ramp. SPGK79 spring kit - $24. #cz #cajun #custom #whowantsone #wont last long #pew #guns Just waiting for some parts from Cajun Gun Works so I can start upgrading this gun. Field & Stream is the Soul of the Total Outdoorsman. Cajun Gun Works 75210 Pro-Package Decocker. 25-1. He also posts under the name Schmeky at CZFirearms. Does not fit Tactical Sport. 99 Re-installation is pretty simple - insert the FPB, press down, insert the firing pin with the 'slots' facing the top of the slide, push in until you can see daylight through the firing pin retaining pin hole (if you removed it completely), and push the retaining pin back in. gun ownership, gun care, tactical firearms, small arms, optics, gunsmithing, styles Included in the package is the Cajun Gun Works Pro Package and the Dawson Sight upgrade. See full list on thefirearmblog. Everything I requested was via email to them. In attempting final assembly of the lower I was unable to get the dual safety back in. Cajun gun works shadow 2 Well over $200 worth of Cajun Gun Works parts installed not counting any of the labor to install them! Asking $750 cash FIRM Only trades considered would be a CZ Shadow 2, with cash added on my end ($250 to be specific) or a stock SP-01 (safety) with cash. The Cajun Gun works cz p07 pro package. The Shadow 2 (Base Gun Specs can be Found by Clicking Here) Any of these three models may be upgraded further by adding your choice of Cajun Gun Works Pro or Defensive Carry packages. Highly recommend sending it to him if you buy the 97. CGW 11. 340" to the magazine tube length. Tax settings. A Shadow 2 runs about $1000-$1100 depending on a few factors. Cajun Gun Works has a stock of a wide range of Sports & Outdoors items at an unbeatable Hunting and fishing tactics from the pros, gear reviews, and adventure stories. Ended up installing the CGW EZD-40 sights, which I like quite a bit. 226 SAO Legion next time I am in the pro shop. The oversized disconnector had to be had fitted for the gun to properly reset. Turns your P-07 P-09 into a world class pistol. barrel. IPSC / USPSA Production base pad specifically made for the CZ-75B 17 round magazines. CZ Floating Trigger Pin Includes Installation Slave Pin. Set up PayPal Checkout. Cajun Gun Works: Defensive Carry Package, Reach Reduction Kit, Stainless Steel Compact Guide Rod. 380 / . However cajun's pro package isn't a conversion to SAO unless you specifically asked for them to do that too. 00 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: No Kci Usa Inc Magazine Glock - Gen 2 9mm 15 Round Black Poly Page 7, Explore the outdoors with hunting gear and accessories from our online shop. This gun fits me very well. And yet I have 20 rounds through it enough to function test it and the 2 magazines. Buy now and pay later with Pay in 4. I have not heard anything bad about the folks in West Monroe, LA when it comes to working on CZs. 00 $560. A full list of parts included with this kit are detailed below in I purchased my first CZ P01 at the beginning of the year and ordered the Cajun Gun Works defensive package. Impeccable! I bought the parts from them and did the trigger install myself (cut delivery time by a few months, that's how busy they are) Improved the trigger significantly. There is a step by step instructions Everything you need to convert your CZ over to our famous Pro-Package. B410 in the ‘Options’ section of the Ruger Single-action Revolvers portion of our on-line catalog. Position,Const,Created,Modified,Description,Title,URL,Title Type,IMDb Rating,Runtime (mins),Year,Genres,Num Votes,Release Date,Directors 1,tt0000417,2021-05-27,2021 . 500" and adds about . A SP01 runs about $600 a CGW Pro Package done by them would be about $550 including freight both ways without the 10X bushing. Cajun Gun Works Pro-Package for CZ 75 Series Decocker Cajun Gun Works Straight Single Action Aluminum Cajun Gun Works customized the CZ with their Pro Package. Cajun gun works shadow 2 Cajon Gun works & CZ75's question for folks who who have dealt with them. also included is a j. 00 Cajun Standard Package (75B) Pro-package for 75 Cajun Gun Works Pro-Package for CZ Shadow PRE-ORDER FITS: CZ Shadow 2, SP-01 Shadow, 85CCGW’s Pro-Package for Shadow and 85C (#75820) Everything you nee. What I got back was basically a transformed gun. $650 shipped. Just choose Pay Later and Pay in 4 at checkout through millions of online stores where PayPal is available and split your payment into 4 interest-free payments, one every two weeks. (0) Cz 75 sp01 trigger keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Cajun Gun Works promo code is accessible to everyone. It’s a piece of cake to buy your most ideal items with less money. I added the CGW Pro package and the trigger is better than the Shadow 2 by a smidge. CZ Handgun?? Check out cajungunworks. 00 Parts form CGW "Cajun Gun Works" 1-Race hammer Kit "comes with adjustable sear" 123. If I planned on carrying this gun I WOULD NOT REMOVE THE FPB. Cajun Gun Works CZ75b Omega trigger review and shooting impressions I only have one CZ pistol, an old-style 75B Omega which I got lightly used and has some issues (currently being worked out). From simple to completely custom, there’s an integration that’s right for you. $7. Legend Pro . 6 month wait and $500 and it's worth every dollar and every day worth of wait. Ask for the Production Legal Package and you will be okay for IDPA SSP and USPSA Production Legal. 223/5. $12. Makes installation of the Cajun Gun Works Race hammer or the CZ Competition hammer the easiest part of the upgrade. This will not only include the installation of the trigger blade but also their reach reduction package and short reset package along with a new hammer, polishing etc. I'm now interested in how they hold up after 6 months-year and what the gelcoat on the hull looks like after years worth of unloading/loading. Trying to upgrade on a budget? Here is a good walk through by abyss1232 of installing Cajun Gun Works' Pro Decocker Package. #cajunized CZ rami bd (decocker) with night sights with Cajun Gun Works Pro Package. I'd handle one before buying. Get back on track. Fits all full size and compacts that use a firing pin block. Cajun Gun Works Pro Package. Fiber optic front sight replaced blade sight and cuts in dorsal surface of slide were made for practical purposes. This is a universal part in the CZ product line. Their pro upgrade kit ($224) comes with the following items with their individual prices: 91000 billet hammer - $88. A full list of parts included with this kit are detailed below in the “Description” tab. If you enjoy taking things apart and tinkering and have the time and willing to accept the risk of blemishing a fine handgun you should be able to find necessary resources on forums and youtube to guide you through the process. I don't think you can go wrong. Cajun Gun Works – Manufacturer of competition-oriented parts and accessories for CZ pistols; Crimson Trace – Lasergrip for full-size CZ 75s as well as rail-mounted lasers. Last edited: May 12, 2021. LRH Team Member. Cajun Gun Works, West Monroe, Louisiana. $ 800. All the work turned out great, the pistol shoots point of aim, and everyone who sees it is jealous. 2. Yes at the end of the vid All the parts for elevating your P-07/09 to a Professional Grade level of performance. Installing upgrades is almost as much fun as shooting, and it turns your gun into a personal prized possession. 9MM / . Unlike the USA, Canada lacks a Cajun Gun Works or a CZ Custom. I've "guinea pigged" quite a few things on here and it's always interesting to see how new stuff works out with unbiased members. I learned quite a few Well taking it down wasn't so bad but damn a lot different than my Glocks. Put a heavier hammer spring in and take it back to the range. 5 Pound CZ SP01 / Shadow 2 Reduced Power Hammer Spring by Cajun Gun Works Very popular music wire 11. Pro Package includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins Many folks just install the hammer and don't do much else -- it improves the SA trigger (by doing away with the much-hated rear-ward movement of the hammer [seen in most CZs] when firing from SA mode. Designed to fit CZ 75 B series thumb safety model pistols chambered in 9mm and . Cajun Gun Works parts can be had from these retailers, but be prepared, they are often out of stock. It is completely different gun. This and the combat trigger has stopped the trigger slap/bite that is common with the CZ recurve trigger design. Delivers an 8lb DA, 3lb 8 oz SA, cuts the SA reset 50%, and moves the trigger rearward 5mm in the hammer down position. So recently I have been thinking of sending it off to CGW to have them do their Pro Package on it. Does not fit any other CZ. PRO PACKAGE Includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, Heat Treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty) CGW Reach Reduction Kit including our “hybrid” disconnector and Color: Matte Black Finish: Hard Coat Anodize Gun Model: FN 509 , SIG Sauer M11-A1 , SIG Sauer P220R , SIG Sauer P224 , SIG Sauer P225 , SIG Sauer P226 , SIG Sauer P226 MK25 , SIG Sauer P227 , SIG Sauer P228 , SIG Sauer P229 , SIG Sauer P238 , SIG Sauer P239 , SIG Sauer P245 , SIG Sauer P320 , SIG Sauer P938 , SIG Sauer Pro SP2022 Gun Type: Pistol Length: 1. Box 171073 I bought this for my 835 mossberg turkey gun. Reactions: GPtuners. No matter which integration you choose, PayPal Checkout will intelligently present the most relevant payment types to your customers, making it easy for them to pay using PayPal, PayPal Credit, Pay in 4 interest-free installments, credit or debit card payments, and other payment methods. The CZ 75 Guncrafter Industries Executive Series is the first iteration of our new expansion into double action pistols. The gun does not match my need for concealed carry anymore. 2-tone slide, French cut, custom 30 lpi checkered front strap. Everything you need to convert . My pride and joy. Henning CZ Shadow 2 PRO Production Base Pad. Send it off to Cajun Gun Works for aftermarket work or a new trigger to solve the trigger slap. Decocker Installation Kit - Cajun Gun Works Our proven decocker install kit, consists of a forged steel, Made in the USA starter punch and sear cage slave pin. The fit in the hand of the TSO is pretty good right out of the box. 0 Cajun barrel bushing/$70. I'm actually often impressed by the service offered by many manufacturers in the gun industry but rarely impressed in every other area Anyone send their CZ to Cajun Gun Works? - posted in Gear: Like it says on the tin. Cajun Gun Works CZ 75 Pro-Package - $425 Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins The Liberal Gun Club; Board index; Hardware; Handguns; 1; 2; 46 posts Display posts from previous. Show hidden low quality content. CZ P-01. Created using Avid Studio A BIG SHOUT OUT to David Milam from Cajun Gun Works!!! I finally got up the nerve to install the Defensive Carry Package 75 Series Decocker on my CZ SP-01, well worth the effort. Dawson Precision Perfect Impact Sights make the great pistols even better. Only the CGW adjustable sear has a secondary angle built it, which helps ensure a crisper break compared to the factory sear. Got the Cajun Gun Works Pro Package and installed it myself, so now I had a gun that I could shoot accurately and with ease (after a lot of practice). Extremely smooth and reliable. Local sales only no shipping. us and has a lot of helpful posts about installing his parts and other DIY improvements. 5 lbs with no stacking. after a few hours I realized i needed help. Pro package and slide milling for the DeltaPoint pro install. Employ cz-usa. 0 SS guide rod/$22. If I do anything else to it I may get the extended firing pin and 11lb hammer spring but am going to shoot it like this for awhile and see if I really want the CZ75 P01, excellent condition, Cajunized. Made for CGW by Dawson Precision. The pad has an overall height of . Upgrades I have made to the gun: - Cajun Gun Works SRT & short reset trigger kit - $181 - Install short reach and short reset CGW kits - $85 - TruGlo TFX Pro sights and install - $155 - CZ grips Red - $91 - Armory Craft Red mag base x2 - $60 The gun comes in its original case with manual and all accessories and two 14rd mags. Very happy with the performance of those packages. Pay in 4 is PayPal's buy now, pay later installment solution. Cajun Gun Works believes that every customer is important and without customers Cajun Gun Works would not exist. Cz tso red dot Cz tso red dot It pro- duces a situation rich in the drama close to the woman spectator’s heart. Stock went on effortlessly with no problems. Fits all 75 Series Decockers, SP-01 Tactical, 75BD, P-01, PCR. They told me more than I wanted to know about how it works. There are a few solid companies that offer aftermarket parts, our favorite being Cajun Gun Works. This pin is so durable, we guarantee it with a Lifetime warranty! Includes installation slave pin. CZ P01 with the Omega trigger system. We will not install any other parts but our own. My buddy and I installed the Cajun kit ourselves with help from YouTube. Really easy to do in about 30 minutes and cost $16. short reset trigger, kit race hammer, oversized safety, combat trigger, spring kits etc, and little sanding and polishing, guns runs smooth and fast with double action down to 5-6lbs and single action to about 2-2. The CZ platform was a challenge but well worth the admission for knowledge gained. cajun gun works cz p-07 description: this is a new (only test fired) cz p-07 9mm with a cajun gun works pro grade package (done by cajun gun works) along with 3 dot tritium night sights from dawson precision. Everything you need to convert your full size or compact CZ over to our famous Pro-Package. 5 Pound Reduced Power Hammer Spring by Cajun Gun Works. Our Pro Package includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins CGW’s famous TR-PIN floating trigger pin made from S-7 tool steel (lifetime warranty) CGW Reach Reduction Kit including our Anyone have tips before installing Pro-package from Cajun Gunworks on my SP-01 Tactical? I finally convinced myself to splurge and get the “Pro-Package for 75 Decockers” from Cajun Gunworks for my SP-01 Tactical. MORE+. CZ 75's usually hold the top spots in USPSA and IPSC Production Division competition because of their accuracy, reliability and triggers. I got my CZ75 P06 back from Cajun gun works today. Looking for someone reputable to put in some Cajun gun works parts on my p01. Install this kit and you’ll be outshooting firearms that cost 2-3 times more. Cajun Gun Works uses reasonable efforts to portray accurate, up-to-date information. 00 Cajun Standard Package (75B) Pro-package for 75 Not familiar with the decocker model CZ's. Nick is also a Cajun Gun Works dealer so he will install anything from CGW's for free. When you come to a fork in the road, take it. Chronograph Package Deal. Cocobolo wood grips . Just had it shipped out on Thursday and it should be here Monday. When I got this gun I started shooting 2x4 studs Okay, full disclosure: the 80,000-round count is for my two Glock 19 Gen 4s. DLC controls, crowned barrel, cgw 10x bushing and gator green compact grips. $1,700. Understood! I missunderstood what you were saying. Being heavier the recoil may be better and more what I expected from this gun. A little goes a long way. The triggers on the standard models like your Tactical are superior for sure and with the installation of a 13 pound hammer spring and the extended firing pin from CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works make it Such an improvement. Start with 400, then 800, 1000 grit sand paper on the external barrel then polish with Flitz using a Dremel and polishing wheels to a mirror finish. 00 - SOLD Up for sale is a CZ P-01 De-Cocker with Cajun Gun Works Defensive Carry Package (original parts included), Fiber Optic Front Sights, Dawson Precision Rear Sight, Armory Craft Aluminum Grips (Rubber Grips will be included) and two (2) maybe 3 standard magazines. Cajun Gun Works got the job, not in small part to the heaps of praise it received from trusted members here. Yesterday I took both of my CZ 75 Compacts over to a friends house and and gave them both an upgrade. The Seer Cage parts are especially needed for the decocker mode cajun gun works pro package trigger kit full install. Cajun Gun Works Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit P-07 / P-09. Fire 4 Effect built the gun; it has their Carry Optics slide cuts and RDOMS mounting system as well as a full Cajun pro kit (with 10X barrel bushing) installed/fitted by F4E. CGW installs a quick reset trigger and works the action. CZ Custom PCR One thing I did not mention is that I had CGW install the CZC competition hammer originally. 19,217 likes · 110 talking about this. I have put 150 rounds down the pistol extremely accurate pistol. Night Sights run $85. Since he is a dealer he will install comp/carry packages for the price of the parts. It is a phenomenal package and will be utilized as my every day carry. 25 DA and smooth; It’s their top of the line Pro Package trigger job; I’d have to sit down with the two guns to really know. We took one of the most revered pistols of all time and made it better - we have improved accuracy, reliability, durability, and esthetics! CGW 11. P-01 Omega Cajun Omega kit/$220. By markymarkkev, March 19 They did recommend some upgrades i wasn't planning on such as installing the 10X bushing and their fiber This is my one and only a CZ, an SP01 Tactical with Cajun Gun Works’ Pro Package and Dawsons. Perfect carry size. CGW CZ P-10 Upgrade Package by Cajun Gun Works. Cajun Gun Works 97098 Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit P-07 P-09 UPDATE – Cajun Gun Works. Cajun Gun Works Pro-Package for CZ 75 Series Decocker Cajun Gun Works Straight Single Action Aluminum The answer is we simply install our Reach Reduction Kit Type-2 (RRK-T2), along with the exact same parts we use in the Standard Package. In somewhat thankless roles due to the lack of meaty characteristics, Glenn Ford and Dane Clark are efficiently thespian. Both have been to Cajun Gun Works for their Pro Carry package upgrades. Valued at over $4,900, this rifle package includes everything a firearm enthusiast could ask for in an AR15, including optics and accessories from top brands like EOTech, Steiner Optics, SureFire, Magpul, Slate Black Item Name: FS CZ P09 w Cajun kit Location: Woodstock Zip Code: 30188 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 750. Excuse me if this doesn't qualify but I opted to buy the Cajun Gun Works parts and install them myself for my CZ 75 Compact. Im making a change from Glock 34 to the CZ-P09. 03/18/2018 . The pistol has a full Cajun Gun Works Pro Package installed using the CGW oversized disconnector. 25 Add to Cart After seeing what others will do to their trucks I feel like mine is almost pure stock. If you like a light single action trigger of a 1911, but want higher capacity, this is the gun for you. com, we offer a full line of custom machining, parts and service that can't be I'll be ordering those parts as soon as I have the gun in my hands. down to around 4. This gun is amazing! This is far from your standard CZ SP-01. Re: Cajun gun works or CZ Customs I have tried the Legion and the Cajun and wow, they are great and very comprable. I ordered a CZ75 SP-01 with their pro package back in February. CZ 2075 Rami Cajunized, pro Package, CGW deep engraving in the front (looks awesome) and sniper grey cerakote. It did for a few minutes. I put that Mcarbo Kit in one of my P-01, it was hard, took like 3 hours but it was my first time doing any real work to the internals of a pistol that's after I spent a couple of hundred to get the pro-carry package installed by Cajun Gun Works I've neglecting my P01 lately due to my 1911 addiction, so a couple months ago I sent it off for a little work and yesterday I was able to pick it up and head straight to the range. Jun 14, 2013 - Explore Glock Store's board "Maintenance", followed by 7628 people on Pinterest. The DA now breaks at 6. I'd seriously consider the carry trigger package. 0 Polish job/$100. You can buy the Cajun Gun Works Ultra Lite SD kit to lighten up the DA/SA pull and still have reliablity with the extended firing pin. Includes: Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer (with lifetime warranty) I went wild, went for the whole package. ) Any CZ sent to Cajun Gun Works will come back an improved gun. That’s right I’m talking about the 9mm CZ 75 SP-01. CGW’s Pro-Grade package includes their hammer, Short Reset System (SRS), precision DA Roller and a CZ trigger modified with a single-action over-travel stop. I ordered a few extras besides the pro package, 10x bushing, stainless guide rod, 85 combat trigger, and adjustable sights. Has anyone tried shooting this particular polymer variant from CZ with the Cajun Gun Works trigger work done on it? Considering getting one of these with a threaded barrel to use as a suppressor host and was curious how good the trigger is without the CGW pro package and then with it as well. It’s fully Cajunized, and a joy to shoot. I shot this in uspsa carry optics and it runs really well, I just like the grip angle of the steel czs better than the 09 and 07 models. O. Comes with mounting screws (RMR and Holosun). 01, send to Cajun Gun Works, get the perfect carry gun for Our gunsmiths can service and repair your Ruger rifle or pistol model such as the Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, 22/45, 10/22, and all other Ruger gun models. Delivers world-class performance and enhanced durability. You mentioned that you like to tinker so I feel that, within reason, it may be worth it to hold out for a stock gun. 00 For the trigger job, we used the Cajun Gun Works Pro Package which includes a new trigger, a new hammer, all new springs, and a new firing pin. The gun is SO easy to shoot accurately I decided to install the Cajun Gun Works 75700 Omega trigger kit to see if it solved the issue. in my opinion, non shadows are inherently worse than shadows, especially shadow 2s which are the best out of the box. DA or SA it shoots really well for me. I now have installed that package in 4 additional CZ’s. The CZ 75 PCR with decocker: Item 75210. At some levels, they sound very similar, with some clear differences. Midwest Gun Works is a nationwide leader of quality and expert Ruger gunsmithing, servicing, and repairing. I REALLY like both these pistols. Jump to Latest Follow The gun was silky smooth from the factory, but I kept hearing what amazing things Cajun Gun Works do to CZ handguns. The gun in question was the CZ 75 P-07 Duty, a polymer version of the ergonomically delicious CZ-75. I have an SP-01, and the changes from the original 75B I find very significant in how the gun feels in hand. The gun has been fired with 2 mags for functional check before getting back in the safe for serveral months now. It comes with a new hammer, disconnector, safety lifter, firing pin, roller, and a bunch of springs (safety plunger, trigger return, firing pin, sear, mainspring, maybe some others). Joined: Mar 2007. So yes reading the rules first is good but also knowing what you are talking about is too. 00 1. The trigger, IMO, is better than the S2 and Cajun promised it would’ve so, even with the B safety, it’s a perfect 3. Fits all metal framed 75 CZ’s, Shadow, SP-01, P-01, PCR, 97, RAMI, etc. Cajun Gun Works CZ 75 Pro-Package - $425 Cajun Gun Works Race or Ring Hammer Super hard, heat treated to RC60 and friction fit hammer pins Just got off the phone with Cajun Gun works. Beveled Mag Well for a nice blended look. 92030 short reset kit - $75. One nice thing is it does have a rail, perfect for mounting lights and lasers to. 00 Text 602-828-084 four Suitably humbled, I decided it was time to send the pistol to Cajun Gun Works for their Pro Package. TECH Also we install Cajun Gun Works parts in CZ and TriStar pistols. Our highly knowledgeable service experts can service Find Accessories For My Gun. Cajun gun works shadow 2 Cajun gun works shadow 2 Fire 4 Effect built the gun; it has their Carry Optics slide cuts and RDOMS mounting system as well as a full Cajun pro kit (with 10X barrel bushing) installed/fitted by F4E. The double action trigger, measured at 1/2 cocked, is coming in at ~7. with the single action pull going from approximately 5 lbs. For a duty gun go with the $17spring kit and add the same stuff later. 1. Pickup in the Alpharetta/Cumming area. I did lose a springs that flew across the room, but after 30 minutes found it with my floor magnet. Bought my gun from Cajun, they then did the milling on my Shadow 2 Orange for a Leupold Delta PP. About EGW. The firearm was purchased new in 2016 and went unfired directly to Cajun. Overall, it sounds like the CGW Defensive Carry Package is roughly equivalent to the CZC Shadow Custom level, and the CGW Pro Packa Installing the cajun gun works PN-75700 Omega Trigger kit in my CZ 75 P01 Omega, Before and After video posted at end of the video. $70. See more ideas about glock accessories, glock, custom items. The trigger pull weight is 3lbs for Single Action and 8lbs for Double action. Before they sent the gun, they professionally installed their Pro Pack. I sent the pistol of to CGW in November 2019 and got it back in Februrary 2020. one day, I would like to buy a used cz 75 and try to upgrade it myself. #cz #cajun #custom #whowantsone #wont last long #pew #guns cajun gun works parts + experienced gunsmith is my way to go for now. In this case I paid $825, which means that I paid $499 for the pistol with N/S 2. We firmly believe they have the best kit out there, and as a Cajun Gun Works Dealer, we install several Cajun parts kits each month. SA can be smoothed to between 3-4lbs DA between 6-9 lbs. Midwest Gun Works specializes in quality gun parts, shooting accessories, firearms and firearm service for most major manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. He's in Londonderry, NH. The reach reduction and short reset is a must have. They're excellent, I'll have Nick install them on my CZ10C when I get a chance. Everything you need to transform your full size or compact CZ to a smooth, crisp, safe, reliable, and durable pistoll. Just don't carry it anymore. That being said, the trigger out of the box on my 75 was okay but nothing to brag about. Also: New Guncrafter CZ 75 Compact - Executive Series - Cajun Gun Works Pro Package. MGW has been an industry leader in gun parts, shooting accessories and gunsmithing since 1997. Also the PCR doesn’t waste space with a rail. 5 oz and 1 lbs. These are super hard, heat treated to RC60, and are a friction fit in Cajun Gun Works hammers, so no staking or peening is required. 56, . 5lbs. Sort by Magpul Sling Ms1 Qdm Black - Includes Two Qdm Swivels. There are 2 main attributes to an easy to see and use sight set. This pin is so durable, we guarantee it with a Lifetime warranty! Developed nearly 10 years ago, this pin has been put to the test globally in tens of thousands of CZ's under every imaginable condition. I also installed the Night Fision night sights with the yellow front and blacked out rear. After I installed their Pro Package in my phantom I got the single action trigger pull down to ~2. Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood of Central American trees[1] belonging to the genus Dalbergia. basically, the answer is 1 of 2 things, CZC parts or cajun gun works parts. A P-01 and P-07. CGW CZ Sear Spring by Cajun Gun Works CZ sear spring, fits all 75 series CZ’s, including manual safety and decockers. In Stock . Contact Form P. I contacted Cajun Gun works and asked if I could send the gun. I'm just really impressed. I installed the pro package and polished all the friction points recommended by Cajun. I’m not a fan of CZ custom but I paid for a pistol once (PCR) with their trigger work and it was marginal at best. Being a patriotic capitalist American, I decided I was going to buy one, so I started pricing Shadows, CZ Customs, and Cajun "Specials. Single Action: 3lb 8oz, Double action: 7lb 15oz. Would like to hear how their service and worksmanship is, particularly relating to work done for the defensive carry or pro carry packages. Here is the Cajun Gun Works claim on the Pro-Package Fits all 75 Series Decockers, SP-01 Tactical, 75BD, P-01, PCR. The SA didn’t improve much at all but breaks cleanly at 3 lbs. 95 CZ 75 spring kit and the Cajun Gun Works “Old Style Trigger”, the trigger pull on my CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical averages DA 6 lbs. 25 SA and 6. Also recommended if you are going with a I am very happy with the one I got through them. 5# with a short reset and the DA trigger is 6. – CZ Rimfire upgrade parts Description: Here is a Cajun Gun Works customized CZ 75D Compact PCR 9MM Pistol. Do plan on getting sum'ore! Oh I own an SP01 Tactical. com. Picked up a few things for my CZ SPO1 tactical from Cajun Gunworks. Start; Mittia: Gård & Skog 2020; Köpvillkor; Varukorg CZ Rami 2075 bd 9mm with Cajun Pro package installed by Cajun Gun Works prof and paperwork, two magazines, night sights, Kydex in a waist holster. Cajun Gun Works 75110 Pro-Package for 75 Manual Safety $301. I used the parts from cajun gun works and did it myself albeit for a safety model CZ SP-01. The gun includes your choice of holster as well. The CGW upgrade feel awesome. down to 2. I like my CZ's so much that I just posted my Sig P220 in trade for a Tactical. An old trick of the pro's, Accurate Ron's Shotgun magazine tube lube will smooth up the feeding and function of your tube fed shotgun. Click to Save FROM $1. The type and quality of your pistol parts can have a big impact on your enjoyment and success in hobby shooting and even how well you are able to defend yourself with a firearm. Slovenia Selling a nice CZ P-01 with a Cajun Gun Works installed Pro Package on it plus Meprolight Tru-Dot night sights and a steel guide rod. The finish on the frame and slide is Black Nitride and the silver/gray parts are hard chromed by Mahovski’s Metalife. TECH TIP: The Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear does not “adjust” the trigger pull in any way. CZ-75 B Cajun Gun Works. The old style Omega has the typical curved 75 trigger but it's colored black, and a non-swappable, single sided thumb safety. Re: Cajun Gun Works Pro Package I can't speak with 100% certainty, but usually light primer strikers in revolvers and other hammer guns are due to lighter hammer springs. Cajun Gun Works is a true family business, with 7 employees currently (6 Full-Time and 1 Part-Time). Made a huge difference for turkey hunting with the pistol grip and being able to adjust Clockwise from left: P01 w/Cajun Gun Works Pro Package, CZ Custom Shadow, P01 w/Cajun Gun Works Pro Package, PCR, PCR. no. 0 Recoil spring/$6 Yep, I really wanted to grab a 97, but after fondling it I could tell it was not for me. Probably should have had the carry trigger installed on the 75BD instead of the comp. I installed the CGW Pro Package in my 97, awesome trigger after that upgrade, and I just love the look and feel of that pistol. I first purchased a P-01, shot it stock, then had Cajun Gun Works do their "defensive carry package" on it. It has also been given the pro trigger package from Cajun gun works. Get a steel framed CZ 75 Compact. Just love the way all the 1911 guys start making excuses when the plastic gun kicks there butts. $1500. 45's, but I'd like to have a full size 9mm. I bought this before the Pandemic from the original owner and have never put a round through it either. As stated, Miss Davis delivers on all counts in a masterful deliniation of the two wddely separated characters. 300blk, 7. cajun gun works pro package trigger kit full install. Delivers a superb, crisp, 1911 like SA, 8. 56 62GR Hornady Soft Point Boat Tail 50 Pack $ 54. Waited 3 months on the wait list before he got the call from cgw to send it in. With all this said here is a parts list. 5# hammer spring color coded “black”. GUNSMITH INSTALLATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Perfect condition NSN number on frame The Bullet ~ Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns. Please email or call us to discuss upgrading your own CZ. Take your Shadow 2 or Shadow 1 from great to OMG! This will transform your S-2, delivering an ice crisp SA of 3 lbs. It has been a few years since I Also polished everywhere it was needed. Start playing now! Cajun gun works shadow 2 Tac Shield Sling Tactical - 2-point Qd Padded Black. I had him install a comp trigger package on my CZ75 and a carry trigger package on my CZ75 P01 Omega. I finally got up the nerve to install the Defensive Carry Package 75 Series Decocker on my CZ SP-01, well worth the effort. 5. I do like the decocker over a safety. Only fits Optic Ready Shadow 2 Item Name: FS/FT "Cajunized" CZ P-07 with Trijicon RMR Location: Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming Zip Code: 30004 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $1250 or $750 without RMR Trade Value or Items Looking For: 9mm, 5. Shipped last week, received in 3 days and a personal contact from shop owner letting me know it had arrived and was placed in que. 5lb SA, cuts the SA reset 50%, and moves the trigger rearward 5mm in the hammer down position. So a full CGW Pro with 10X bushing is going to run $600 + $620. I figure it's as close as I'll get to my 97 BD in weight and feel in a 9mm, I really don't need 2 . But, my CZ75 SP-01 Phantom is the best shooting gun I have. I had Stuart work over a 75B Stainless for me earlier this year to include installing a Heinie Charger rear sight, which required cutting the slide. Everything you need to transform your CZ to a smooth 8lb DA (Double Action), crisp 3lb 8oz SA (Single Action), and cuts the SA reset 50%. 5#. A couple CZs in the house. Phenomenal single action trigger! - CZ 75SA base gun (single owner - purchased new in Dec '13) - Flat single action only trigger - Pre-travel screw added on trigger - Red CZ Aluminum grips - Cajun Gun Works internals - SRS-1 short reset system Open-back design dramatically reduces weight and allows for easy installation of either an ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 with a quick-install adapter plate; Fully integrated pass-thru fore-grip provides protection and comfort and is back up with elongated safety wings to help keep the shooter's hand and fingers safely below the bowstring release path. Does not fit P-01, 75B, or P-07/09 Omega series. 40 S&W, this action enhancement kit includes a black finished Apex performance hammer and sear, duty/carry mainspring, competition mainspring, reduced power firing pin spring and two replacement hammer pins. Cajun Gun Works SPGK1 3 spring kit installation « on: May 05, 2014, 05:22:46 PM » I just got the CGW SPGK1 3 spring kit and want to install it in my Tri star C 100. I totally disagree with you though. I’ve helped friends do theirs, and it takes me about 2-3 hours. CZ Rami 2075 bd 9mm with Cajun Pro package installed by Cajun Gun Works prof and paperwork, two magazines, night sights, Kydex in a waist holster. What we learned from shooting over a third of a million rounds in competition is the absolute importance of material selection, designing parts that last, incorporating stress abating geometry, and prove time and again what holds up and what does not. See picture #19 for the full contents of the CGW Pro-Package. Delivers an 8lb DA, 3. It’s a flexible bore cleaning device that is designed to clean the bore of pistol and rifle barrels. ) Having done it myself and a lot of years of DIY gun work, I'd take Eyeguy up on the offer. Cz-usa. TECH TIP: Installation of the TR-PIN will require removal of the OEM trigger pin, which is a hollow steel tube, flared on each end. Expires:Oct 11, 2019 2 used. $50 and 15 minutes to install. Needless to say I didn't get to the polishing might do that today or next week. Im considering just buying a CZ PCR with the pro package already installed from them. Want to have them install the "new" style barrel, and maybe so the E Conversion listed on their website. barrel, the blue gun a 7-1/2 in. The Bisley parts conversion is applicable to the new Flat Tops and is now a standard catalog item per cat. It’s a stupid good gun. Had the competition trigger installed on the CZ75BD and the carry package on the CZ75P-01. The original owner sent it to CGW unfired and never fired it upon return. Joined Oct 22, 2020 A 97B I've had for almost 20 years. This spring is now proudly “Made in the USA” from Cajun Gun Works Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring Fits: CZ 75, SP-01, Shadow 2 and 85 metal framed. Cajun Gun Works Pro Package for CZ SP 01 Tactical review Cajun Gun Works CZ P10c for $900!!! - YouTube. Handguns: The Semi-automatic Forum Cajun gun works shadow 2 CGW CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready Optic Plate by Cajun Gun Works. The CGW The spring kit install took a bit of youtube research since I hadn't disassembled a CZ with the swappable decocker/safety before. Menu. 97098 Pro-Grade Upgrade Kit P-07 P-09 - Cajun Gun Works All the parts for elevating your P-07/09 to a professional grade level of performance. Middle left/right: CZ75 BD, CZ75 BD Police w/Cajun Gun Works 3 spring Kit. I did my own install on the Cajun kit, took about 3 hours to get everything right and fitted. Each will be numbered and logo applied. The 75B is good, but the SP-01 and P-01 Compact versions feel GREAT! I bought and installed the Cajun Gun Works Pro package (#75215) Production Legal Kit for the Decocker models. In addition, the included reach reduction kit moves the at-rest position of the trigger rearward 5mm and stops the trigger once it resets. This thing now feels as nice as my Dan Wesson VBOB or Wilson Combat (trigger wise) Work done: Cajun Gun Works Pro Affordable and Smart accessories for your 9mm Ruger PC Carbine! Package comes with Machined Delrin Magazine Funnel; Extended Mag Release Button / extended lever We make Sight Buying Worry Free with the Dawson Perfect Impact Policy. i liked that pistol so much I bought the SP-01 Tactical and had Cajun Gun Works do their "pro package" work on it. Impact Machine . Snag 19 round mags I took my cz 75 SP-01 tactical and did all of the upgrades to make it basically the same as a shadow 2, ie;’ CGW pro package trigger, extended mag release, aluminum grip panels, fiber optic front sight and blacked out rear. 8 - 8. CZ custom can do a trigger job for 195, install an 85 trigger (the solution they recommended for some trigger slap issues I've had), and install some tritium night sights for another 190. Like new CZ 75 SP-01 with Cajun Gun Works pro package and fiber optic sights. 0 Truglo TFX Pro sights/$139. Cz tso red dot Cz tso red dot Cajun gun works shadow 2. It was a nice upgrade. Everything you need to convert your CZ over to CGW's famous Pro-Package. $269. Had to dremel my KT Mech range holster to accommodate. Worth every penny spent. Gotta love Google! The only minor issue was that I somehow broke the little wooden trigger spring install "tool" on my first attempt. 7k Followers, 246 Following, 902 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Cajun Gun Works (@cgw_cajunized) Cajun Gun Works Pro Grade CZ P-09 FDE with NS - $825. CZ Custom Shop – Manufacturer of competition and custom CZ parts and accessories; DIP Inc. 41. You will be amazed! This is the least expensive package: However, CZ Custom and Cajun Gunworks offer high quality upgrades for most CZ Firearms. Then if you want more add the Short Reset kit & their trigger return spring and maybe a new trigger if you don’t like the black curved one. I installed a short reset kit and some other parts from Cajun Gun Works and love it. 00 3. I also purchased the starter punch CGW recommended. 1 oz SA on my Lyman Digital gauge. Buy CZ 97B W/Cajun Gun Works Package NEW: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All This CZ P-07 is like-new condition and lightly used with less than 200 rounds through it. trigger. If you paid 'retail' for his Pro-Grade Package on your gun, that would be $326 Dollars. Install this kit and you’ll be outshooting firearms that cost 2-3 times more Price for parts only, installation is a separate line item and varies based on condition of firearm etc. Cz tso red dot Cz tso red dot I had a professional gunsmith install the P07 pro package from Cajun, and the trigger feels spectacular. Easy-install trigger pin. Delivers an 8lb DA, 3lb 8 oz SA, cuts the SA reset 50%, and moves the trigger rearward 5mms’ in the hammer down position. 38cal / . If you can get a low-enough price on the Commemorative, go for it. 5 lbs. Out of the box the site base is too large for a CZ 75B - which is fine and easy to fix by simple sanding off part of the flat bottom on the base. This superb concealed carry piece from CZ has been made even better by the installation of a Cajun Gun Works Pro-Package, including a stainless steel high-performance skeletonized race hammer and a matte stainless 85C USPSA-approved trigger. Purchased this gun at the beginning of the summer, and left it with my ffl to be mailed to cgw to install their pro package. 62x39 Cajun gun works shadow 2 Cajun gun works shadow 2 I agree with BenderRodriguez. Check out Cajun Gun Works and CZ Custom for parts. Only taken to the range 2-3 times and it has no scratches or holster wear. Related products. 8 Pro Buy COBRAY M11, M-11 PARTS KIT COMPLETE : GunBroker is the largest seller of Gun Parts Kits Gun Parts All: 900478272 Glock 43 Complete Parts Kit. M. 8 – 8. cajun gun works pro package install Page 3, Cases Gun/bow. Cz tso red dot Cz tso red dot I ordered the Cajun Gun Works Pro Package Decocker Kit and some new Cocobolo grips. Haven't made up my mind yet. I bought Pro Packages from Cajun Gun Works for each. 0 reduced power spring/$6. I sent it to Cajun gun works in Louisiana and now the SA trigger is at 3. CGW's proven top-of-the-line Pro-Package upgrade kit for the Phantom. I’ll also be installing an 11# recoil spring. You should consider doing the Pro Package yourself! You will learn a lot about the functionality of your gun and it can be done in about a day. I Have one p07 that is a Pro and one with pro parts installed. Pro-package for 75 series models with manual safeties and firing Cajun Gun Works PCR vs. A 97B I've had for almost 20 years. All parts are USA made. Otherwise you have a tuned sp-01 that's DA/SA and can compete in SSP and ESP. 12 pound DA, and reduces the SA reset an amazing 50% for effortless double-taps. Posted: 6/17/2019 7:41:17 PM EDT @heisman01 Hi Everyone - new here (don't yet own any Sigs) but I wanted some advice on what might be my first I'm looking to get a compact (not sub) DA/SA metal-framed 9mm with the best trigger I can have for around $1100-1200 and have narrowed it to the following: Sig P229 Legion CZ P-01 with CGW Pro Cajun Gun Works, worth it? I had a P01 done with the pro package. 0 Barrel bushing/$70. Everything needed for the perfect nightstand or CCW pistol. Reply Quote The color cased gun is fitted with a 5-1/2 in. Original CZ P-01 Omega (Black) - $550 2. I just could not leave polymer. Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Full Installation Service Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Full Installation Service is a Flat Rate that will cover the installation of all Beretta 92FS / M9 / 92 / 96 Parts installed at one time. 99 (1) 4 out of 5 rating. cajun gun works review. Let me know if we can work a deal. whole kits are 350-400 for the full install, or you can just get bits a pieces which each do different things. Sale. $45. I just bought myself a brand-new CZ P-09, one of the ones with a threaded barrel, in 9mm. 0 CZ 75BD Cajun decocker pro package/$269. After just missing a deal on a CZ 75 Kadet I found what I felt was a good price on a Kadet II Kit. jrc5584 Member. Cajun Gun Works has several upgrade packages to choose from if you are willing to ship them your SP 01. Color: Matte Black Finish: Hard Coat Anodize Gun Model: FN 509 , SIG Sauer M11-A1 , SIG Sauer P220R , SIG Sauer P224 , SIG Sauer P225 , SIG Sauer P226 , SIG Sauer P226 MK25 , SIG Sauer P227 , SIG Sauer P228 , SIG Sauer P229 , SIG Sauer P238 , SIG Sauer P239 , SIG Sauer P245 , SIG Sauer P320 , SIG Sauer P938 , SIG Sauer Pro SP2022 Gun Type: Pistol Length: 1. 5#'s - which is good. 78 in Attachment/Mount Type: Dovetail Primary Arms Online has revealed their March gun giveaway, which features a custom Sons of Liberty Gun Works AR15 package. There is no Smith that does better work on the Po7 than David currently. Cajun gun works shadow 2 CGW CZ Sear Spring by Cajun Gun Works. Solvent safe and will not deteriorate when you apply bore cleaner to it. Bad experience with Cajun Gun Works I ordered a CZ75 SP-01 with their pro package back in February. Have (4) 19 round mags to go with it and a red hill tactical single layer holster drilled for a boss hanger. I used to shoot it more when I first got it and put a little more than 2000 rounds through it. That package doesn't include sights, and I'd like to upgrade to either night sights or an adjustable rear. customs. Cajun has, in our opinion, mastered the inner workings of a CZ. Got back into shooting three years ago at age 47 with a CZ 75B. Loved the rest of the gun, hated the trigger. Customer specified hand cut 20lpi front strap checkering. The SA trigger pull is so smooth and light and the weight of the gun always puts the muzzle in the right place. 75# - which is still more that what I'd like. However, don't discount why Cajun Gun Works CZs cost the money they do until you actually compare your stock CZ with one of the exact same model, that has had their Pro Carry package done to it. The trigger is simply amazing and the FO sights are so easy for these 47y/o eyes to see. The work included: CGW Pro Package; Blacked out rear sight Much easier and quicker than shipping gun to CGW's. I also installed Dawson sights that are 5” high at 25 for me. I did install CGW Pro-Trigger kit in it and well you'd just have to shoot it to appreciate the total package it is now. It worked perfect. cajun gun works pro package install